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Dance Class: 3 Types of Dance You Can Learn

by Gina Ferguson

Dance classes can be a fun and affordable way to learn about dance styles such as ballroom, tap and salsa. Whether you're just starting to learn about dance or want a refresher course, there are many types of dance classes that provide instruction for people of all abilities. Sometimes it's hard to know where and how to start learning; this article will discuss the different types of dance class options on campus and in your area that offer a variety of courses depending on how you want to learn.

1. Salsa

Salsa is a partner dancing style that originated in Cuba. It has become a very popular form of social dancing, especially on college campuses and in larger metropolitan areas where there are many clubs or salsa-dancing venues. Salsa is a great dance style for beginners with strong hips and good hand-eye coordination. Salsa classes often run six to eight weeks and have themes such as "Salsa for Beginners," "Intermediate Salsa" and "Advanced Salsa," which can help you learn at your own pace.

2. Tap

Tap dancing is the rhythmic sound made by a dancer's shoes hitting a hard floor. Tap dancing is often seen in musical theatre and has roots in African American culture. Tap dance classes are offered at many studios and some community colleges. The classes teach basic step formation, rhythm and coordination as well as how to use rhythm to improvise with music. The classes also offer lessons on technique, history and styles of tap dancing such as jazz tap, Broadway tap, shoe-shine box tap and clogging techniques that utilize taps for percussive sounds.

3. Ballroom Dancing 

Ballroom dancing, also known as "ballroom" or "European" dancing, is a partner dance style that originated in Europe. It offers fun and creative ways to practice and socialize with others. This is a great option for people who like socially-based workouts and want to learn about ballroom dancing without being required to join a formal dance club. Ballroom classes may last from a matter of weeks to several months depending on the type of ballroom taught (e.g., Latin, Swing or Standard). The classes help you hone your skills by teaching steps and ballroom dances such as waltz, foxtrot, tango, rumba and cha-cha.

If you're interested in finding out more, you should make contact with a local dance school today. A tutor will be happy to provide more info and advice.